Xite XR - Virtual Production Services and Facilities Overview

Xite Labs entered the virtual production world early in 2020 as a content creator and pipeline developer, and have now created a fully virtual stage in Los Angeles California.

Projects completed to date include America’s Got Talent, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 2020, McAfee MPOWER 2020, Infected Mushroom 1-hour set on Insomniac Dreamstate andAmsterdam Dance Event, as well internal development & demonstrations.

What's It All About?

Virtual Production, VR, AR, MR and now XR – there are a lot of terms floating around to describe the various aspects of virtual production. XR is a mix of multiple ‘R’s, and is the new standard for capturing talent in a stage setting.  The Xite XR virtual stage and pipeline incorporates the latest technology and software packages. At the center of the Xite XR world is a LED stage, a camera tracking system/crane, real-time rendering of 3D environments, graphical 3d overlays as well as traditional screen content embedded into the virtual environments.

Featured Project -
America's Got Talent

For the 15th season of America’s Got Talent, XiteLabs was brought aboard to create several virtual environments for music performances on a massive LED stage.

The Virtual Environments were programmed to run live in combination with practical/virtual lighting & visual effects, integrating camera tracking, media mapping servers, and real-time rendering technologies from Stype, Disguise and Unreal Engine.

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Facilities and Services

XiteLabs’ XR Stage in Los Angeles features an all LED stage, which is primed for producing prerecorded or live productions with 1-3 performers on stage.  The Xite XR stage is always Calibrated and ready to record. XiteLabs is equipped for music shows/videos, corporate events, branded content, commercials, comedy and stage productions, keynote or topical speaking engagements, and more. With persistent calibration, always-on tracking systems, camera/crane setup, media server environments, and lighting, the Xite XR Stage is a powerful and tight production space for high-impact virtual shows and development.

The Xite creative and programming team supports outside productions by delivering concept, creative, design and builds of virtual worlds for stages of all sizes and in locations across the world. With a collaborative spirit, Xite enjoys integration with client creative teams, agency producers, and outside XR facilities.

Factoring the need for safety, Xite maintains a Covid compliant environment. Featuring plenty of individual workspaces that provide for socially distant working within a shared work environment, as well as green-room space and producer space for clients and their teams.

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