Xite Labs Formula 1 concert graphics 2024

Formula Racing Concert Series

Music Visuals for Concert Series

For clients MDL Beast and Production Glue, Xite Labs has produced 3 concerts’ worth of custom, high-fidelity CG animations. From iridescent materials flowing over the latest Formula car, to abstractions on cybertrack pathways, Xite has developed sprawling, lush digital vignettes that celebrate the kinetic energy of the Formula racing series. 

Combined with elements and stylistic references to electronic music, the super wide visuals bring the massive LED stage to life for the 20,000 fans in attendance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Xite turnkeys creative, from mood boards to finished animation, partnering with the client lead creative producers. Cinema 4D has been the animation tool of choice. As of 2023, Xite is now using Unreal Engine to build and output final rendered movies. With super-fast output times, the animation team has had the flexibility to make quick iterations on the animations, and deliver finished files with more time to adjust leading up to final delivery.

The shows are programmed and operated using Disguise media servers

Formula E 2023

Formula E 2022