Greg Russell

Partner | Creative Director

Greg graduated from Colgate University with degrees in Neuroscience and Music. After gaining experience in Sony Music’s art department, Greg started Tandem Digital in 2000, and became active in film & television visual effects and title design. Tandem became a trusted resource for producers and directors, as well as concert video directors – creating stunning concert animations for Rock & Roll giants RUSH and KISS, as well as fabrication and set designs for Neil Peart’s incredible “Time Machine” drumset.

More recently Greg has directed branded experiences for some of the biggest companies in the world, such as GE, Microsoft and Disney.

From the development of initial concepts to the production of polished showpieces, Greg works with Event Producers, Fortune 500 Corporations, popular music groups and agencies – with an unwavering focus on achieving a unique vision for each brand/experience.

Vello Virkhaus

Partner | Creative Director

Vello is a native of Kalamazoo Michigan, and a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Early in his career, Vello crafted a niche in the entertainment business by establishing himself as one of the early pioneers in the art of VJ’ing. Through his first company V Squared Labs, Vello evolved his approach to include interactive, production design and animation. Through the years Virkhaus and collaborators have produced some of the most influential immersive concert visuals and 3D projection mapped experiences of the decade. These include Amon Tobin’s ISAM, Blizzcon e-Sports Starcraft 2, NBC Heroes, The Skrillex Cell, The Krewella Volcano, Infected Mushroom Pods, The Datsik Vortex and many more. Vello leads XiteLabs’ projects bicoastally and internationally, and still enjoys performing live visuals at the biggest Ultra Festival shows worldwide.

Emile Wolsky

Media Producer

For the last 25 years Emile has been designing and developing effective digital and award-winning productions, with a focus on image mapping, CG animation, digital scenic and widescreen formats. His technical knowledge and understanding of the various complex components related to live productions is evident in his video production, graphic development and onsite media playback work.

With experience in over 22 countries, Emile guides clients through the production of small and large-scale projects worldwide, with a unique ability to break down barriers of language and technology. Emile’s devotion to quality and meeting deadlines has made him an industry go-to for many fortune 500 clients.

Brian Egan

Visual Artist | Animator | Motion Designer

Brian is one of those people that you wonder about. How is it possible for someone to be so nice and always bring a smile to the studio, yet be such a solid and creative artist? We’re still trying to figure that out. Whether it’s creating beautiful animations in C4D or building custom guitars, Brian is a true creative, and a gem of a guy.