Hilton Global Owners Conference 2022

Large-format Arena Show Content

In November 2022, Xite Labs was tapped by LEO Events to produce a suite of custom visuals and graphics for Hilton’s biggest event of the year – the Hilton Global Owners Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attended by over 2,100 Hilton owners and representatives, along with 450 corporate team members, the conference saw appearances from Katy Perry, Magic Johnson, and Paris Hilton. The conference also featured breakout sessions, evening events, networking opportunities, and culinary experiences, including a reception with Paris Hilton and a performance by Katy Perry. It aimed to celebrate partnerships with Hilton owners and offer valuable insights for event planning.

Brighter Together: Crafting Moments from a Message

The concept of “Brighter Together” served as Xite’s guiding star throughout the creative process. The theme was an invitation to visually encapsulate the collaborative spirit of Hilton’s event, where diverse minds come together to illuminate the path forward. This notion of unity, shared vision, and progress provided the perfect canvas upon which our artists could paint their imaginative strokes. In addition to providing traditional graphics package elements such as titles and background animations, Xite also harnessed the power of Unreal Engine to design custom cinematic sequences that were woven into the show. From the primordial journey of a sole torch-bearer sparking the diaspora of light, to a high-energy cruise through the desert to Hilton’s Hoodoo Moab property, these moments kept the audience captivated and added momentum to the multi-day event.