Freeriders motorcycle characters and motorcycle animation

FreeRiders - Original IP

Original IP Development - Character, Story & World Design

FreeRiders has been developed to celebrate the joy of being on two wheels, enjoying time in nature, discovering new places and feelings, and sharing adventures with best friends – some old, and some new. We all remember being kids having adventures on our bikes with good friends. FreeRiders takes that feeling to the next level!

Hawk, son of the famous stunt bike Daredevil Neville, is trying to find his way out from under his father’s famous shadow. His mother wants to keep young Hawk safe at home, but he knows he’s destined for more than playing games in his back yard. He sets out to explore the annual Rally (X-games meets Olympics in this bike world) and gets caught up in a whirlwind adventure.

Along the way he creates new friendships, uncovers mysteries about his father, and comes of age as he fights for what he believes in and for those he cares about most.

The property has been developed as a feature film, with future theme park attractions, gaming and merchandise opportunities to come!


Developed by Tandem Digital Motorworks LLC.

Greg Russell
Creator / Producer / Writer

David Alper
Executive Producer

Neil Peart

Marc Gabbana
Concept Artist


FreeRiders Teaser Animation