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Infected Mushroom

Content Creation, Interactive Design, VJ

Infected Mushroom came to XiteLabs (VSL) with the goal of creating an intense, immersive concert experience. The end result became the Fungus Among Us Experience which toured extensively in North American and Europe, blowing peoples minds with the immersive audio visual show.

Infected Mushroom performed their own songs for a total of 90 minutes. The experience captivated the crowd through the combination of Infected’s original music and production. Songs ranged from classics to their new dubstep inspired music.

The Xite (VSL) team created HD sync animations to over 70 minutes of the music experience that combined 3D mapping and lighting animations. The show utilized a customized version of Xite’s EPIC mk2 VJ software to control both lighting, media playback and improvisational visuals. Like other Xite (VSL) experiences the show combined generative visuals with the sync media, giving the experience an additional level of flexibility.

The set was designed by Vitamotus for non traditional projection to dynamically accentuates our 3D media. This set was the most complex geometric shapes we have ever mapped for a touring show. The mapping had to be individually adjusted per piece, per performance using Touch Designer’s 3D mapping tools. We chose to incorporate lighting inside the pods and outside along with the mapping to further enhance the dynamic edges of the pods. The fixtures were interior wash lights, and strobes placed along the downstage edge and pod legs. This dynamic combination of lighting, sculptural design and 3D animation artwork creates a truly mind bending experience that matches the bands wild psychedelic energy.

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The tour received excellent media coverage and was recognized worldwide for its unique contribution
to the marriage of art and technology in the electronic music art movement. Check out some of the press links
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