Content Creation, Videography, System Engineering and Installation

Andrea’s at Encore is a Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Award-winning restaurant that combines Chef Devin Hashimoto’s menu of Asian-inspired cuisine with a sexy and social atmosphere.

In collaboration with John Lyons group, Xite (VSL) created and installed a visual centerpiece for the restaurant that featured Steve Wynn’s wife Andrea Hissom’s eyes. Using short throw projection technology we hid the projector above the soffit location and enabled bartenders unparalleled access without casting shadows. We used high resolution original photography to create a diverse series of colorful, pop art inspired treatments of her eyes.  The eyes as they represent the windows of the soul were carefully selected and colored to create a narrative and emotional journey. This 3D mapping was the centerpiece of the restaurant for many years until it was recently remodeled. Staff had control over the color of the eyes and various playback combinations allowing dynamic ever changing looks using an ipad. The restaurant hosted hundreds of celebrities and all star events in front of our glamorous 3D projection mapped installation.



Andrea’s Grand Opening