Project LA nightclub Light Installation

Project LA Nightclub

Production Design, Installation, Content Creation, 3D projection Mapping

Project LA nightclub. XiteLabs (VSL) was commissioned by Boulevard Nightlife Group to create a custom overhead light sculpture and DJ Booth for Project LA, a new nightclub off Hollywood Blvd. This permanent installation consists of a triangular faceted LED light wall that starts behind the booth and curves up over the dance floor.


The entire structure is made up of three sizes of triangles in various configurations. Each one houses strips of LED lights backed with mirror and faceted on the front with two-way mirror for a fragmented infinity reflection effect. The booth contains its own LED wall and dispersed throughout the scene are pre-existing strobes and moving lights to accent the sculpture.


Deliverables: Creative Direction, Production Design, CAD support, 3d Animation, System Programming, System Installation, VJ Services