Grimes - Shinigami Eyes Music Video

xR Virtual Production and Staging

When dynamic director duo BRTHR first approached Xite to collaborate on Grimes’ forthcoming music video, the team was up for the challenge. Xite was tasked with creating virtual worlds that powerfully reflected Grimes’ artistic vision. She first drew her inspiration for the “Shinigami Eyes” music video from the mystical cult Japanese anime film Death Note. From that point, Grimes began crafting a storyboard. It soon became obvious that the music video concept relied so heavily on virtual production elements. That’s when BRTHR decided to bring Xite into the mix.

The worlds Xite created for “Shinigami Eyes” include:

  1. Space Dark Abyss
  2. Japanese TV show Set
  3. Cybersphere
  4. Ocean World
  5. Cybersky
  6. Tesla Light Tunnel (AKA the Cyber Truck)
  7. Damaged Screen
  8. K-Pop Land
  9. Moon/Clouds environment

This visually stunning, avant-garde masterpiece was filmed entirely at Xite’s studio in Calabasas, CA. In addition, it features several noteworthy cameos. These include Jennie Kim (BLACKPINK), Dorian Electra, and experimental fashion Instagram star Ryon Wu. Moreover, the cyber-tech hallucinatory music video features incredible CG effects, one of which includes Grimes’ glowing red eyes. Grimes is supported by dancers wearing snakeskin-like bodysuits and metallic fallen angels as well as holographic dancers. As a whole, the music video for “Shinigami Eyes” powerfully brings Grimes’ celestial and future inspired vision to life. Undeniably, “Shinigami Eyes” is a music video for the modern age. It presses the confines of what is possible in creative production.

The show was programmed and operated using Disguise xR workflow and hardware. Most notably, all virtual environments graphics were created with Unreal Engine. Xite’s camera tracking and talent tracking system came from stYpe.


Studio: BRTHR

Directors: BRTHR

Executive Producer: Luigi Rossi

Producer: Aiden Magarian

Production Supervisor: Tori Storosh

Production Coordinator: Jack Ireland

1st AD: Bashir Taylor

2nd AD: Emoni Hubbart


Director of Photography: Chris Ripley

B Cam Operator: Adam Hull

1st AC: Jordan Sakai

Drone Operator: Paul Nurkkala

Camera PA: Katie Nino

BTS: Blair Brown

XR Studio: XiteLabs

XR Director: Vello Virkhaus

Studio Director: Greg Russell

DIT/Technical Director: Jeremy Vannix

Camera Jib Operator: Pierce Cook III

Lighting Director: Mike Robertson, Lightswitch

Unreal CG Artists: Rodel Aragon & Diego Castro

3D Artist: Nusi Quero

Notch Artist: Travis Poe

Technical Assistant: Bobbie Bunn

Production Design: Ted Pallas

VFX Associate: Jorge Esquivel Jaime & Abigail Vinco Aguirre

Studio Office Manager: Jade Davis-Brown

Covid Compliance Officer: Ricardo Berrum

Set Medic: Shaun McClure

Production Assistants: Jason Mayfield, Drew DeGurian, Frankie Hanlon, Anna Brooks, Emma Weiswig, Spruce Bohen

Grip & Electric

Gaffer: Mathias Peralta

BBE: Fred Palluzzi

Key Grip: Jonathon Coyne

BBG: Stephan Chang


Wardrobe Stylist: Brett Alan Nelson

Wardrobe Assistant: Kristen Ritchie & Talia Gamer


Makeup Artist: Natasha Serverino

Makeup  Assistant: Jessie Maranda

Prosthetics: Malina Stearns

Hair Stylist: Preston Wada

Nail Tech: Saccia Livingston

Grimes – Shinigami Eyes