New Years Eve Los Angeles 2022

Grand Park's New Year's Eve L.A. | Countdown to 2022

For New Years’ Eve 2022, XiteLabs created a one of a kind countdown show for Los Angeles’ historic Grand Park. The show plays into the themes of hope, bravery and boldness. Adding to this, the team dynamically incorporated the four elements – earth, fire, water and air. This metaphorically represents the interconnectedness of all humanity. 

Firstly, the team kicked off the project using a model of City Hall. Next, they utilized a palette of neon colors to accentuate the building’s architecture. After that they began fusing images showcasing California’s majestic sunsets, its breathtaking natural environments, and its awe-inspiring coastline. That was then coupled with a vast array of  animations showcasing the people of California participating in some of their favorite activities. Some examples utilized in the countdown show including mountain biking, surfing, and the tango. Altogether, the animation consisted of a three-minute countdown to 2022 plus teasers leading up to the main show itself.

Using a disguise media server, the visuals team mapped City Hall and programmed the content to make their vision come alive. To accomplish their goals, the team used large projectors mounted on trusses as well as the ground to illuminate the entire City Hall. In addition, Xite’s countdown show featured original music by composer Gerard Marino with guitar work from Xite Co-founder Greg Russell. The show was broadcast nationally on Fuse TV as well as Grand Park’s YouTube channel



Grand Park NYE 2022 Countdown Show

Executive Creative Direction: Greg Russell

Creative Direction Lead Design: Isabel Clavo (Interaktika)

Animations Technical Direction: Ted Pallas (Savages Animation) 

Production: Alex Hartman 

Design, Animation: Nikola Ivanov 

Design: Alicia Rodriguez-Clavo 

Animation: Jorge Esquivel, Abigail Cinco Aguirre, Akel Issa, Miguel Monteagudo & Brian Egan 

Editing / Animation: Bobbie Bunn 

Media Server / Projection Lead: Simón Anaya 

Onsite Media Server Operator: Lucy Ockenden

Original Music Composition: Gerard Marino

Countdown to 2022