The Montero Show

xR Virtual Production and Staging

In recent years, Lil Nas X has quickly risen the charts to become one of the most exciting entertainers in modern music. Along his journey he has proven himself a true visionary and master of innovation. Moreover, the multi-Grammy nominated superstar is not only known for his popular sound, but also for his compelling and controversial content.

Lil Nas X’s Vision

When drawing up his release strategy for his debut album Montero,  the artist wanted to do something that truly stood out. Subsequently, he developed a talk-show inspired video, The Montero Show. As a whole, the show brilliantly showcases both his star persona and alter-ego, Montero.

About The Montero Show

The Montero Show was shot on-site at XiteLabs‘ XR Studio in Calabasas, CA. To maximize the impact of his release campaign strategy, the countdown style talk show led up to the official launch of his debut album. Montero officially dropped at midnight eastern time on September 17th, 2021. Further adding to the momentum, The Montero Show aired just days after Lil Nas X’s win for Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards. Throughout the show, Lil Nas X and his Montero persona shared and discussed his favorite music videos off of the Montero album.

Opening at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, Montero features collaborations from superstars Megan the Stallion and Elton John. At one point, the debut album held five of the top ten tracks on the Billboard singles chart. The multi-Grammy nominated album has since garnered billions of streams following its September release date.

Technology & Creative Overview

In order to achieve The Montero Show‘s production goals, Xite programmed and designed the virtual set according to reference provided Columbia Records, which included some 1990’s Oprah show footage. The campy talk show feel was deliberate, and played well into Lil Nas X’s choice of wardrobe, hair and makeup. Xite created everything in Unreal Engine and operated the live shoot using stYpe‘s GreenKiller plugin for Unreal. This was the one of the first shoots Xite did on its latest greenscreen xR stage setup, which allowed for multiple versions of the talent to be shot and composited easily in post-production.


“The Montero Show” Written by Lil Nas X

Produced by Saul Levitz, Greg Russell, Vello Virkhaus

Directed by Lee Cherry

Edited by Wes Sanchez

1st AD: Jeff Cobb

Unreal Set Design & Shot on Location at Xite Labs

All Styling by Hodo Musa

All Production Design by Michelle Patterson


XR Studio: XiteLabs

Creative Directors: Greg Russell, Vello Virkhaus

Technical Director: Jeremy Vannix

Production Partners: stYpe, Lightswitch, Robe

Technical Director of Virtual Production & ICVFX: Diego Castro

Unreal CG Artists: Rodel Aragon

Lighting Director: Mike Robertson, Lightswitch

Technical Assistant / DIT: Bobbie Bunn

Studio Manager: Sylvie Barnett

Camera Operator: Pierce Cook

B Camera Operator: Karis West

Audio: Jeremy Vannix

Production Assistant: Frankie Hanlon

The Montero Show by Lil Nas X

XiteLabs Virtual Production