Skechers Global Sales Meeting Lighting Design

Sculptural Lighting Design/Content/Project Supervision

Skechers 2016 Global Sales Meeting immersive entryway implemented by XiteLabs. The goal of this experience design was to creatively inspire meeting attendees using digital lighting effects that evoked space. We achieved this goal using our amazing partners at Global Trend Productions headed by Isaac Campos and Technical Producer Saby Dang. Our partners commitments to our vision enabled completion of this piece on a very tight budget, all the while delivering stunning results.


The feature was installed into the rotunda of the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center.


The wave like structure as pictured was created out of Martin Sceptron LED tube fixtures. In order to execute the wave concept precision drawings and mounting systems were created by Premiere Displays. The tubes were mounted, rigged, shipped and finally installed on site by Felix Lighting and V Squared Labs. The fixtures were hung overhead on an immense uni strut structure which spanned the rotunda from door to door. The lighting effects were created using LED pixel mapping animations done in Adobe After Effects and through the Grand MA2 console.


The entire show control system was seamlessly deployed to integrate moving lighting and visual effects into one thematic look. Animation sequences evoking space and movement wowed the audience as they went into the dynamic presentations in the main theater.