Walmart CES Booth 2024

Immersive 3D Content & 4D Ride

In January of 2024, XiteLabs collaborated with  LEO Events and Intertain Productions to once again demonstrate its expertise in creating immersive experiences, this time at the Walmart booth during the CES. Showcasing Walmart’s foray into AI innovations, our team designed captivating large format LED visuals and an exhilarating 4D ride, bringing to life the future of technology and retail. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and our creative prowess, we crafted an environment that not only displayed Walmart’s advancements in AI but also provided an unforgettable sensory journey for attendees. Our use of advanced technologies underscored Walmart’s position at the forefront of AI innovation in the retail sector.”

For a detailed view of the Walmart Shareholders Conference 2023 page, please visit XiteLabs.

CES Appearance Showcases Technological Innovation

The experience began with a journey through Walmart’s AI innovations, displayed on large format LED screens, created using advanced visual design tools. This immersive experience was followed by an exhilarating 4D ride, simulating a futuristic retail environment, demonstrating how AI could transform the shopping experience.

Following this, attendees were treated to a showcase of Walmart’s AI capabilities in retail, emphasizing how technology can enhance customer service and operational efficiency. The presentation seamlessly integrated advanced graphics and interactive elements, creating a vivid and engaging portrayal of Walmart’s vision for the future.

The highlight was the immersive 4D ride, offering a glimpse into the future of shopping, and illustrating Walmart’s commitment to innovation and customer experience.

Notable features included interactive displays and demonstrations of AI-driven technologies, emphasizing Walmart’s role as a leader in retail innovation.

The Business-ey Parts

In addition to all of the flashy entertainment pieces, the Xite/Inter-tain team produced all of the branded show graphics, animations to accompany the multitude of corporate presenters. Primary show looks, transitions, lower-thirds, product announcement visuals, and all the rest. It was a unique pleasure to be able to make captivating presentation segments that pair with entertainment moments as the whole show became cohesive and enjoyable for the huge audience.

Technologies Employed

  • Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, Maxon’s Cinema 4D, and Blender were used to create and render photorealistic previsualizations of the booth and all encompassing media content.
  • Satellite reference data from Bing Maps, Open Street Maps, Cesium, and Google Maps were used in Sync with Google Maps to create a virtual Las Vegas Conference exhibition.
  • Metahuman Creator, in tandem with Reallusion’s iClone and Character Creator 4, was used to animate Walmart customers in a moving Wall of Us on the exterior of the booth.
  • DJI and Custom Drones were using for first person view cinematography at multiple Walmart facilities around the country.
  • Da Vinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects were used to create a cinematic 4D ride experience using the drone footage.