America's Got Talent XR Virtual Sets

Unreal Engine, XR, Virtual Production

For the 15th season of America’s Got Talent, XiteLabs was brought aboard to create several virtual environments for music performances on a massive LED stage. This project served to push the boundaries of live virtual production.

Xite artists modeled, textured, lit, animated and delivered 4 fully immersive virtual sets using Unreal Engine and Cinema 4D. In addition to these creative aspects, Xite also provided initial template setups and programming to the process.

The Virtual Environments were programmed to run live in combination with practical/virtual lighting & visual effects, integrating camera tracking, media mapping servers, and real-time rendering technologies from Stype, Disguise and Unreal Engine.

Scenes that Xite contributed to include:

  1. Noah Epps – a young performer trapped inside an arcade claw-machine
  2. Bonavega – vocalist in an 80’s style abstract world
  3. Frenchie Babyy – contortionist set in an cryptic underpass with floating sportscars
  4. Resound – vocalists on a boundless ethereal set, surrounded by a gaseous void

Thanks to our collaborative partnership with All of it Now!

Technical Direction by DMD
Content Direction by Syco / Gravity
XR/Virtual Environments by AOIN and XiteLabs for America’s Got Talent 2020

Virtual: Live Music and Visual Art Performance