Remy Martin

Creative Direction and Content Creation

After Xite produced the visual program for the “Remy Martin Producers” live series, the marketing team at Remy tapped Xite to produce a series of CG sequences featuring some of the top Remy spirits in inviting environments. Xite’s creative team then went on to produce three series of looks to highlight some of the different ways in which Remy envisions their brand out in the conceptual world.

The three featured themes were:

“Liquid” – sexy fluid dynamics to emulate the gorgeous flow of Remy’s lustrous liquids from bottle to glass, over tossed ice, and creating compelling geometric formations as a perfect drop hits an untouched surface of pure Remy loveliness.

“Urban” – fly through a Remy Martin city, with bottle shaped building toppers, giant billboards and marquis elements featuring the company brand, and into bottle-shaped tunnels. Don’t drink and drive, but feel free to fly through this custom Remy city.

“Lights” – in the club setting, Remy creates life and light, with energy moving through the imaginary club space, shaping the experience with the marquis contours of the Remy bottles, and infused with particles and glowing details that speak to the brand’s warmth and illuminating effects.

Remy Martin 2020 Brand Content Reel