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Bryson Tiller

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Bryson Tiller TRAPSOUL Series in xR – Virtual Performance


TRAPSOUL Series is a show concept created by Creative and Show Director Mike Carson at The 92 Group. Collaborating closely with HPLA and Mike Carson, Xitelabs was brought in to be the creative and technical resource for the xR (extended reality) portions of the pay per view program. The livestream concert performance was premiered on premium digital platform Moment House. The entirety of the show spanned across six different worlds, of which Xitelabs created four.  To execute we chose the real time world building tool Unreal Engine with front plate augmented reality elements created in Notch. These virtual worlds showcase Bryson Tiller performing hits from his critically acclaimed, 3x platinum selling debut album TRAPSOUL, including “Don’t” as well as tracks from his latest album, A N N I V E R S A R Y.

Tiller’s work combines Trap, Hip-Hop, contemporary R&B, and soul. We proudly provided the unique virtual environments and xR Virtual Production stage for Bryson Tiller to express himself, and take his dedicated fans on a journey.

This was the longest and most complex real time project Xitelabs has ever completed, and is arguably one of the most ambitious xR music shows to date. The worlds successfully layered physical lighting along with front and back plate digital elements in a seamless fashion. This created a truly immersive effect. All animation was created to timecode and executed almost entirely in Unreal Engine, with atmospheric effects and additional narrative elements from Notch. The fans absolutely loved the worlds and transitions, and raved about it while the PPV program aired in the portal chat thread. Check out the gallery below.



Bryson Tiller Trapsoul Series

The 92 Group: (Creative Studio)

Show & Content Creative Director: Mike Carson

Content Art Director: Sam Ashcraft

Content Consultant: Randy Cano

Producer: Amish Dani


HPLA: (Production Company)

Executive Producers: Ryan Hahn, Neil Dominique, Bryson Tiller

Directory of Photography: Russ Fraser

Producer: Chanel Urban

Editor: Chaz Smedley


Xite Labs: (XR Studio)

Creative Directors: Vello Virkhaus, Greg Russell

Technical Directors: Jeremy Vannix, Simon Anaya

Production Partners: Evolve Media Group, Lightswitch, Robe

D3 Media Server Operator: Simon Anaya

Unreal CG Artists: Diego Castro , Brian Egan, Kevin Aguirre, Ofer Zmora, Rodel Aragon, Brandon Rosado, Darrion Grannieri, Jussi Tolvanen, Rayworks

Producer: Anders Rahm

Notch Artists: Travis Poe, Simon Anaya

Lighting Director: Mike Robertson, Lightswitch

Unreal Technical Support: Jussi Tolvanen, Rayworks.

DIT / Technical Assistant / Photographer: Billy Woods

Camera Operator: Pierce Cook

Sequence Technician: Bobbie Bunn

Covid Compliance Officer: Lourie Koenig

BTS Edit/ Documentarian: Billy Woods

Post Production:

Post Producer: Vince Tran

VFX: Foreign Exchange

Color Producer: Jessica Amburgey

Color Assistant: Zack Hetlage

Colorist: Derek Hansen

Title Design: Marvin Lau

Virtual: Live Music and Visual Art Performance

Bryson Tiller Trapsoul Series in xR – The Virtual Worlds


Virtual lounge that falls away as the song transitions. The world that is revealed contains vast expanses of galaxies, nebulas, and cosmic clouds.


Tiller finds himself ascending a clock tower overlooking a stormy desert and an enormous hour glass.


A wooden platform carries Tiller through a jungle that is lit-up with images of guerilla warfare, he safely settles into a mysterious neon jungle with audio-reactive glowing flowers.


For the finale, a hallway of moving doors that open and close appear around Tiller. A door opens and transports him into an empty void that fills with bold colors and imagery.

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