Datsik Vortex Lumen

Datsik Vortex Lumen

Content Creation, Production Design, Interactive Design, VJ

The Datsik Vortex is an immersive DJ booth that was featured on 3 different US concert tours, and over 200 shows. Using impressive 3D technology developed by Xite (VSL), the lights rotate along a massive ring that houses Datsik right in the centre, giving the effect of a funnel-shaped wormhole. Datsik’s performances featured this visually captivating and enormously popular Vortex Stage design by XiteLabs (VSL). Per Datisk: “It’s really trippy. It looks like I’m floating in the middle of this concoction.” The images are projected both from in front and from behind, he adds, which makes the presentation “look seamless, really unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I basically wanted to make the trippiest possible thing I could, and this is the idea that came to mind.” (Billboard)

The Vortex was based off a sketch by Datsik himself, elaborated on by Vello Virkhaus, Peter Sistrom and fabricated by 41 sets. XiteLabs’ (VSL) team of animators then designed and produced visuals combining themes of Space, Optical Art, Machines, Robots and Fire ultimately bringing the “Vortex” to life. The Vortex has premiered to sold out audiences and toured the US and Canada and yielded great audience and magazine reviews.

For Datsik’s 2013 Fall Tour, XiteLabs (VSL) expanded on the vortex with a full lighting package designed to enhance the centrality of the design. Arced truss mounted with DMX-controlled fixtures radiate from the vortex with tight beams, bright strobes and low-res pixel patterns. The Vortex evolved  three different times starting from a single sculptural piece, and growing  into larger and larger more complex structures that incorporated lighting and special effects.


The Vortex was included in Thump’s illustrated guide to the pods, cubes and spaceships that have made electronic music history. The Vortex delivered fans a one-of-a-kind live experience, and set Datsik apart from his peers.


Deliverables: Creative Direction, Production and Lighting Design, 3D Animation, Content Creation, System Programming, VJ Services


Visual Experience “VORTEX”