Concert Visuals

The challenge: Create two (kick-ass) concert pieces in two weeks for KISS. XiteLabs (Tandem) provided the character and overall design concepts after a single huddle.


For song 1 –War Machine – a flying, fire-spitting dragon with Gene Simmon’s face paint, a marching KISS Army, catapults, and more.


For Detroit Rock City, a ’67 Camaro racing around a city made of amplifiers, with flames shooting from chrome tailpipes, pumping engine parts branded with the timeless KISS logo. 2 weeks. No Sleep. Totally worth it.


Video Direction by Mark Devlin and Jonathan Beswick.

War Machine – 3D dragon, thousands of Kiss Army soldiers. Good vs. Evil.

Detroit Rock City – All CG. 1967 Camaro customized with animated fire, flame-shooting tailpipes, amplifier city

Kiss War Machine Live

Live Cut of Detroit Rock City