Bluemoon club, Vung Tau

Bluemoon Nightclub

Production Design, Installation, Content Creation, 3D projection Mapping

Bluemoon Nightclub is in the heart of Vung Tau. It has evolved from the striking geometric DJ booth, to an entirely immersive visual experience. The new permanent architectural design places the club as one of the most visually stunning establishments in all of Southeast Asia.

Fanning LED tubes and P6/P10 LED tiles flow from the DJ booth into the main performance space of the venue. The fanning pattern continues into the rotunda, and flanking the left and right sides of VIP table seating.

The projection mapped booth and environment evoke a sense of movement with each fixture rotating and subtly twisting upwards and outwards. This visual movement creates a rich canvas with unlimited potential for lighting, lasers, C02 and 3D mapping effects. The unique booth acts as focal point of the club framing the DJ in constant 3D visual effects, and rendered animations. We provided a complete visual package, lighting, programming, and LED mapping using XiteLabs (VSL) EPIC mk4 system.

The club operators are then able to keep the room activated for years to come. The booth is transformed in awe-inspiring ways that cause the viewer to be taken to another world.


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Deliverables: Creative Direction, Booth & Environment Design, CAD support, 3d Animation,
Video System & Lighting Programming, System Installation, VJ Training