Vizio xR


xR Virtual Production and Staging

Director Julian Sarmiento of Fuse Engine tapped Xite Labs to produce a virtual stage event for VIZIO, shot in Xite‘s Los Angeles xR virtual Studio. Using the Xite xR workflow, Vizio offered media buyers a fresh look at TV ad innovations in its first IAB NewFronts Presentation.

The director delivered a base set design in Unreal Engine, and Xite added in DMX controlled lighting and optimized the environment for optimal xR performance.

Additionally, Xite implemented the Disguise Virtual Camera feature for the first time on this project. The Virtual Camera feature was used at the beginning of several segments to fly into the scene and ‘find’ the talent from a distance that would be unfeasible practically. With a 12-foot jib Xite was able to produce shots that put talent 80 feet away from the camera, and program the zoom to coordinate with the jib move in a seamless fashion.

The show was programmed and operated using Disguise xR workflow and hardware. All virtual environments graphics were created with Unreal Engine. Xite’s camera tracking and talent tracking system is from stYpe.



Studio: Fuse Engine

Director & XR Creative Director: Julian Sarmiento

Executive Producer: Julian Sarmiento

Producer: Seth Tamrowski

UE Artist: Erik Castellanos

Makeup: Rachel Pagan

Hairstylist: Diana Campos


Agency: Fabric Media

Executive Producer: Jason Damata

Creative Director: Geoff Katz

Editor: Geoff Katz

Dir, Emerging Technologies: Mike Gasbara


Client: VIZIO

Chief Revenue Officer: Mike O’Donnell

VP, National Ad Sales: Adam Bergman

Manager, Media Insights & Analytics: Crystal Smith

Director of Client Services, VIZIO Ads: Nyma Quidwai

VP, Platform+: Travis Hockersmith


XR Studio: XiteLabs

Creative Directors: Vello Virkhaus, Greg Russell

Technical Directors: Jeremy Vannix, Simon Anaya

Production Partners: Evolve Media Group, Lightswitch, Robe

D3 Media Server Operator: Simon Anaya

Unreal CG Artists: Rodel Aragon

Lighting Director: Mike Robertson, Lightswitch

Technical Assistant: Billy Woods

Camera Operator: Pierce Cook

Slate / DIT: Bobbie Bunn

Covid Compliance Officer: Dan Eppard

Vizio in xR