Xbox 20th Anniversary Show

3D Set Design and Motion Graphics

On November 15th, 2021, Microsoft commemorated Xbox’s 20th anniversary with a celebratory livestream event. The show paid homage to the platform’s groundbreaking history while teasing a quick glimpse at its exciting future. The half-hour stream features state-of-the-art 3D stage design imagined by the XiteLabs team.

In preparation for the event, Xite built three unique 3D worlds. One world took a high-tech approach to the bootup screen of the gaming console. Another paid homage to the Xbox tachometer dial that dynamically scrolls through different gaming titles, and the third was inspired by Xbox’s flagship franchise “Halo.” Moreover, the legendary video game released its latest title “Halo Infinite” the same day as the livestream celebration event.

Notably, the digital broadcast features major power players from the gaming platform. Guests include Robbie Bach, the first head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, who currently heads the brand, and Sarah Bond, head of the Xbox Creator Experience, who reminisced about how far Xbox has come in 20 years. Xite spent two months building and demoing the 3D worlds in its L.A. studio before integrating their worlds into the LED Studio X stage at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA. As Microsoft’s first head of Xbox Robbie Bach marveled in his opening remarks: “Just look at this stage. That alone shows you how far we’ve come since 2001.”

In its first three days alone, the livestream drew more than 300,000 unique views.

Substance Designer, Quixel Mixer, Blender and Disguise media servers were also utilized throughout the production process.

The shoot was the first xR production ever completed at Xbox’s new ‘Studio X’ in Redmond, Washington. 

Xbox 20th Anniversary