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Colin in Black & White - "The Path is Power" Netflix

It was a tremendous honor when creative production studio Unicorns & Unicorns approached Xite to develop content for groundbreaking new Netflix miniseries Colin in Black & White. The show is based on the true life story of former NFL player Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers. XiteLabs proudly captured 360 degree footage and programmed content and LED walls for the teaser of the Netflix miniseries.

Following its October 2021 debut, some people have deemed the six episode docudrama a modern, forward-thinking Wonder Years. Sharing Colin’s story as a young athlete and social activist, the series follows him from middle school through high school. Colin in Black & White focuses on the leader character’s identity struggles as an adopted young man raised by caucasian parents, Teresa (Mary-Louise Parker) and Rick (Nick Offerman). Using xR technology, the Xite team imagined Colin’s football stadium. This is the space in which his dreams to become a professional football player take flight. Altogether the Xite team thoroughly enjoyed using xR technology to design and innovate one of the most compelling sets of the entire series. Moreover, as part of this project the Xite team also developed dynamic xR content using LED walls for the official Netflix trailer.

Colin in Black & White – “The Path is Power” Netflix Teaser