Portal xR

Portal xR filmed with Kira 2.0 - a robotic arm by Motorized Precision.

Portal xR is the brainchild of XiteLabs, Motorized Precision, All of It Now, and Evolve Media Group. This collaboration was truly an innovative achievement in the world of xR. Portal xR was the first to use the Kira 2.0 Robotic Arm in conjunction with an xR stage.  The Kira 2.0 allowed XiteLabs to push the limits of xR with the acrobatic moves that can only be achieved by a robotic arm. Kira 2.0’s camera was tracked to the virtual environment, which produced some spectacular results on the xR stage.

Portal xR experiments with the movement of the robotic arm, as well as the on-stage dancer. The goal of the collaboration was to display the awesome effects the Kira 2.0 would have in an xR evironment.

Unreal Engine was used to create the virtual environment, and the Kira was filmed in action using the camera and talent tracking system from stYpe.




XR Studio: XiteLabs


Creative Directors: Vello Virkhaus, Greg Russell

Technical Directors: Jeremy Vannix, Simon Anaya

Production Partners: Evolve Media Group, Lightswitch, Robe

D3 Media Server Operator: Simon Anaya

Unreal Artist/TD: Shepherd Duff

Kira Software: Brian Davidson

Unreal CG Artists: Rodel Aragon, Berto Mora, Neil Carman, Vello Virkhaus

Kira Lead: Sean Brown

VP Business Development: Brian Macauto

CG Artists: Rodel Aragon, , Billy Woods, Bobbie Bunn

Lighting Director: Mike Robertson, Lightswitch

Camera Operator: Pierce Cook

DIT / Technical Assitant: Bobbie Bunn

Music: Simon Anaya / Greg Russell

Motorized Precision 

All of It Now

Portal xR – Kira 2.0

Behind the Scenes of Portal