NBC Heroes Reborn 4D experience

NBC Heroes Reborn

Content Creation, Production Design, Interactive Design

NBC Heroes Reborn activation was featured at the 2015 San Diego Comicon & in Times Square, NYC. The installation was a first of its kind, 4-D interactive experience allowing the passersby to enter the world of “Heroes Reborn” and access their own pyro-kinesis abilities.

Fans filed through two side-by-side portals into the Renautas Corporation Evolved Human Research Facility found in NBC’s Heroes.

Once a participant was scanned into the system and completed basic training, they were among the fans who used their pyro-kinetic ability to battle the city’s “Evolved Human Database.” The experience included icy Cryo blasts and massive floor vibrations, and was powered by a pair of PCs running GeForce GTX TITAN graphics cards.


NVIDIA Gameworks & VSL

NBC Heroes Reborn Takes Over Times Square


NBC Heroes Reborn 4D experience Comic Con 2015