Collaborating with Gala Games & VOLO Events

Starting in 2021, executive producer VOLO Events hired Xite to become a main content and technology solutions provider for Gala Games’ conferences. XiteLabs used its expertise in visual content creation to bring to life a diverse array of screens at Gala Games’ Into the Galaverse. The event took place in Las Vegas, NV in December 2021. In addition, XiteLabs was then brought on again in February 2022 for a similar scope of work at a one day conference announcing the official launch of Gala Music. Following Gala Music, in June 2022 VOLO and Gala invited XiteLabs out for their third official collaboration for their European conference in Malta, off the coast of Sicily. 

Partnership with VOLO Events

All Gala shows were produced in partnership with VOLO Events Agency, a leading producer of live events and experiential marketing activations for some of the world’s leading brands. VOLO is led by Emmy Award-winning Producer, Charles Marto, who served as Executive Producer and Producer for Galaverse. For 35 years, Marto has produced notable events, network television celebrity music specials, and immersive experiences for brands. The conferences fuse gaming, music, and NFTs through first-of-their-kind experiences.

Gala Games and VOLO Events Agency have come to rely heavily on Xite for its virtual production and Unreal Engine workflows. Additional technologies employed include Octane Renderer, Cinema 4D, and Disguise. Moreover, XiteLabs broke new barriers by using one of the largest live nDisplay systems the team has ever deployed. Above all, this allowed for great flexibility, onsite programming, and dynamic changes right up until when the show went live.

Scope of Work for Into the Galaverse

XiteLabs was brought onboard for Into the Galaverse in December 2021 to deliver content as well as technology and operations solutions. The octagonal shaped entertainment space for “Into the Galaverse” served as the central hub of the event. In addition, the room displayed dynamic video content created in Unreal Engine, which was presented across the 8 projection screens and a large central LED using nDisplay.

Furthermore, XiteLabs created a photo realistic world for the announcement of The Walking Dead Empires theatrical show. The world incorporated complex virtual lighting using the native DMX plugin that dynamically controlled both scenic and atmospheric lighting as well as special effects. To top it off, XiteLabs also created a custom rendered 10 minute long content narrative piece using Cinema 4D for screens content inside the beautifully designed Echoes of Empire set. 

The scope of work on the event also included a big branded, animated show opening that XiteLabs’ animation team produced in strong collaboration with Gala Games and VOLO Event Agency featuring some of Gala’s most beloved VOX characters. In addition, the Xite team also delivered several custom broadcast packages while XiteLabs co-owner, legendary visual jockey Vello Virkhaus curated and programmed content for some of the live musical performances including Snoop Dogg. Moreover, Xite created a 360 degree NFT gallery featuring 888 and some of today’s most revered NFT artists.

Scope of Work for Gala Music

For the Gala Music event, Xite utilized Unreal Engine for the Q&A and presentation portions of the event. Most notably these visuals served as backdrops for an interview with Steve Aoki and live presentations from the likes of Gala COO Sarah Buxton. Moreover, Xite also provided visual content for musical performers BT, Bassjackers, and 3LAU as well as the dance performance portion of the event. Additionally, the Gala Music event featured live performances from renowned music artists such as Kings of Leon, H.E.R., Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, and more.

Scope of Work for Gala EU

Xite’s relationship with Gala and VOLO continued in June 2022 on the island of Malta. Xite created a highly impressive nearly three minute animation announcing the launch of Gala Film. Moreover, Xite created four different UE4 environments for the dance numbers, one of which was inspired by Gala’s game Battle Star Galactica.  In addition, Xite also designed one additional Unreal Engine 4 environment and helped produce an interactive virtual graffiti wall utilizing C++. The event featured performances from electronic music duo Disclosure and renowned comedian Dave Chappelle. 


Client: VOLO Events

Executive Producer, CEO & Producer: Charles Marto

Associate Producer: Nick Geber


Creative Directors: Vello Virkhaus, Greg Russell

Media Producer: Emile Wolsky

Technical Director: Jeremy Vannix

Live Action BTS Producer & DP: Pierce Cook

Interview Producer: Steven Farnsworth

BTS Producer: Alex Hluch

Production Partners: Evolve Media Group, Lightswitch, Geartech Systems

D3 Media Server Operators: Simon Anaya, Anthony Vasquez

Technical Production & Visual Design: Bobbie Bunn

Unreal CG Artists: Rodel Aragon, Valerie Stephens, Diego Castro, Pixela Labs

3D Model, Texture & Design: Myokyung Shon

3D Animation & Design: Kevin Aguirre, Akel Issa, Davy Force, Jorge Vasquez Perez, Galagames team

Production & Management Assist: Sylvie Barnett

Render Farm Support: Manuel Choi


Xitelabs Galacon 2021 Reel

Galacon: Into the Galaverse Opening Sequence