Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

3D Set Design and Motion Graphics

When Xbox went to work on their showcase with Bethesda Games, the video game titan turned to XiteLabs to assist with their virtual production workflow. Xbox and Bethesda Games officially aired their 2022 showcase on June 12th. The 95 minute virtual show introduces numerous new and upcoming titles from the Xbox/Microsoft games empire. In addition, it features several state of the art 3D stage designs by XiteLabs. Moreover, the showcase also shares that all game titles will be available on Xbox Game Pass over the coming year. 

The goal for the xR portion of the Xbox Bethesda Showcase 2022 was to create a series of cleanly executed, interrelated designs— with virtual screen content highlighting the release/announcements of key Xbox game IP. Starting there, Xbox and Bethesda’s original idea was to have one stage that then morphed into multiple different stage designs. Working directly with Xbox, Xite designed the stage concepts below and presented them to their creative team. As always, Xite wanted to provide the client, Xbox, with a multitude of designs in order to help bring their vision to life in its truest form. These initial concepts later evolved into simpler and more refined designs.

Initial Concepts 

More About Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

The showcase features major power players from the Microsoft Gaming empire. One notable host is Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming and Head Executive at Xbox. Moreover, the unique circular stage designs provide the perfect virtual backdrop for the various show presenters. Additional presenters include Pete Hines, SVP, Global Marketing and Communications at Bethesda and Sarah Bond, Head of the Xbox Creator Experience. Additionally, Caroline Marchal, CEO and Creative Director at independent gaming company Interior/Night also introduces her new video game, As Dusk Falls. Xite spent months building and demoing the 3D worlds in its L.A. studio before integrating their worlds into the LED Studio X stage at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA. 

Titles announced include the highly anticipated Starfield, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Redfall, and Forza Motorsport. For Forza Motorsport, an implemented AR layer was used to reveal the speaker on the XR stage. In addition, the show also features video game industry icon Hideo Kojima formally announcing his new partnership with Xbox. 

Substance Designer, Quixel Mixer, Blender and Disguise media servers were also utilized throughout the production process.

The showcase was filmed at Xbox’s new ‘Studio X’ in Redmond, Washington. In the first few weeks alone, the stream garnered millions of views. 

Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase Reel