Infected Mushroom Live in XR

Infected Mushroom XR Extended Reality

Unreal Engine, XR, Virtual Production Live

Collaborating with amazing partners at Lightswitch and Evolve Media Group, XiteLabs recently created a virtual production environment for legendary electronic music duo Infected Mushroom. Conducted in real-time on the XiteLabs XR LED stage, Infected performed their inaugural virtual performance. The show highlighted cutting-edge virtual technology in a futuristic, musically inspired world.

XiteLabs Delves Into Virtual Production

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic, this was one of XiteLabs’ first live shows of the year. Moreover, it was the team’s first large scale leap into the highly experimental world of virtual production. The XiteLabs team wanted to deliver something extra special to its decade long collaborator Infected Mushroom. The performance was produced and directed to feel like a journey into the unknown. Infected’s unique style of psychedelic electronica perfectly complemented the kaleidoscopic visual landscape.

Virtual production represents the transformation and pivoted exploration of new extended virtual reality. In addition, virtual production and XR delivers new ways of looking at how artists can communicate with audiences in the future.

Merging the Virtual & Physical Worlds 

XiteLabs utilized Unreal Engine, Carbon, Stype, Grand MA Lighting, Robe, Cinema 4D, Resolume, Notch, and Disguise technologies to create a fully interactive virtual concert world. Next the team merged lighting, video, and sound into a real-time environment. The performance was live with no rehearsal, much like a festival DJ/VJ set. Furthermore, the link between the physical and virtual worlds was extended by sampling color from the main program at the selected image locations. It then sent the data directly to the lighting board. Hereafter, audio data was used to modulate parameters and color timings.

The virtual and physical lighting was controlled via DMX using the Carbon plugin for 4.25.3 Ue4. Visual art and cinematic camera sequences were played live as Infected performed. Altogether, this further enhanced the photorealism and created the illusion of filming inside an LED volume with the perspective projection matching the primary camera movement.

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Music: Infected Mushroom

Erez Eisen,  Amit Duvdevani

(Dracul remake)
2. Vini Vici and pixel-anything & everything
(infected mushroom remix)
3. Infected Mushroom-cities of the future
(claudihino brazil & Harmonica remix)

Creative & Technical Director: Vello Virkhaus

Creative Director: Greg Russell

Disguise / Notch Director: Simón Anaya

Lighting Director: Mike Robertson (Lightswitch)

Technical Director & Editor: Jeremy Vannix (Liquid Productions)

Director of Photography: Pierce Cook

Lead Content Creator: Ofer Zmora

3D Modeling: Brian Egan

B Cam Op / DIT: Billy Woods

Evolve LED Lead Engineer : Kevin Ring

Evolve LED Technician: George Ray

UE4 Engine Support:

Jussi Tolvanen
Berto Mora
Brady Villadsen

Imaginary Labs: David Perkins, Tom Thompson

Visual Content: Volumetricks

Stype: Camera Tracking

Sequence Technician: Anders Rahm

Sound: Branden Spencer

Rigging Gaffer: Matt Hingstman

Studio Manager: Jade Davis-Brown


Virtual: Live Music and Visual Art Performance

Extended Reality