Chase visual installation

Creative Direction, Content Design, Animation, Editorial

In collaboration with executive producer ANC and the JPMorgan Chase marketing team, XiteLabs produced a series of installation visuals at the Chase Madison Avenue Headquarters in New York City.

Xite integrated a unique, specialized technical & creative workflow, generating real-time visual artwork combining fluid graphics and supplied imagery to enhance the unique physical characteristics of the cylindrical screen surfaces and compelling architecture of the 12,500 square foot space.

The goal is to transform a diverse array of visual concepts into exceptional visual experiences for the Chase brand. Simultaneously, in the Northern ‘Core’ of the lobby, Xite was asked to creatively feature a large selection of distinct works of art from the Chase permanent collection. These spatially polar but related endeavors are intended to provoke interest in experiential visual art, as it merges with the Chase brand to create additional visual appeal for customers and public alike.

On the technical side, Xite implemented a Touch Designer workflow and ‘pixel sorting’ methodology to shift between image/video sets, taking advantage of the screen surface and transparent LED technologies integrated into the space.

“Whenever we move into a new location, it’s the branch that drives all of the business that we do. I think competitors that don’t have branches will look at these locations and say, ‘What are customers missing?’ And I hope their customers will move across to us.” Chief Executive Jamie Dimon

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