Take2 Games Lobby Visual Art

Take-Two Interactive: Virtual Windows

Visual Art

‘Virtual Windows ’ is a public visual art and animation project by XiteLabs which consists of a series of visual scenes that evolve over the period of a day within a unique artistic approach for Take2.  The media wall was produced in collaboration with Mirelle Phillips, Tony Schubert and Tad Asociates.

Take-Two Interactive is a global leader in publishing the most innovative, creative and pioneering video games in the industry.

The new lobby and offices were designed by Design Republic Upon entry, the lobby features our work on a powerful LED screen tryptic.  The visual work we created for the wall is cinematic, site-specific and time-driven. As a result, this media wall turns into a spectacular visual installation connecting people to its surroundings and feelings.  The project also intends to contribute to contemporary discourse of public visual art by creating a meditative mental state through lights cape modeling and perspective mapping.  The main idea of ‘Virtual Windows’ is to bring 21st century animation approaches to define new worlds of space inside the columnar architecture.  Through architectural transformations of content designed to use the perspective of the 3 columns, we created new virtual windows into spaces inside the LED screen.

When developing this public artwork our goal was to create meditative, slowly evolving visual pieces to evoke morning, mid day and evening tonalities. Integrating media arts into architecture created a new way to experience this busy urban space.

Medium: LED Media Wall
Computer Animation. Cinema 4D, Maya Fluid Simulations and Adobe After Effects


Take-Two Interactive Lobby Public Art Montage Reel